If you are a fellow tabletop RPG enjoyer like me, I am sure you have come here to find the best gemstone dice set. In that case, let me tell you that you have made the right decision coming here. In this post, you will learn how to identify the right set of gemstone dice and where you can find them.
Let me also tell you that I focus on Dungeons and Dragons, the game where we use gemstone dice usually. Keeping the D&D theme in mind, I’ve tried my best to describe gemstone dice in detail. So, you know exactly how and where to find the perfect stones.

So here is what you can expect to learn in this post:

⦁    What are gemstone dice, and why do people buy them?
⦁    How many shapes can gemstone dice have?
⦁    What material do we use to make them?
⦁    Where to find the best getone dice?

What are Gemstone Dice, and Why do People Buy Them

Gemstone dice are a type of dice that come in various shapes rather than the default, which has six sides. We use these dice to play tabletop RPG games. They come in many shapes and sizes, which add complexity and variety to the game.

Based on their shapes, they have distinct names. We will learn all about their appearances below.

How Many Shapes Can Gemstone Dice Have?

Fantasy gemstone dice or many call them D&D dice, come in a set of 7 different sizes. These are d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20.

d4 Gemstone Die

The d4 gemstone is a four-sided die that resembles a pyramid. These dice have a sharp edge, so be careful when leaving them unnoticed. The numbers on this die range from 1-4. So, we use this die for situations that have a low probability rate. Also, we use this die for quick casting spells, attacks, swift decisions, and mundane tasks.

d6 Gemstone Die

The d6 is the default die, and we use it in many tabletop games and board games. The d6 is the ideal shape for a die. We use the d6 for standard spells and actions. If you want a little more variety in your decision-making, but not too much, then this die is for you.

The d8 Gemstone Die

As the name indicates, this die has eight sides. It resembles two pyramids attached. This die is more versatile, and adventurers can use it to go on wild adventures.

d10 Gemstone Die

The d10 almost looks like a circle and has ten sides that look even. Also, the d10 is one of the most significant dice in a tabletop RPG game. Players use the d10 to make important character decisions.
That is not all. The d10 has a very crucial trait. You can use the d10 to calculate something on the percentile scale, which is 1-100. You can calculate chances. And the probability of your character doing something specific, and many other things.

The d12 Gemstone Die

The d12 has 12 sides, and people also call this shape a dodecahedron. Adventurers use this die for spells and big weapons. Some adventurers prefer the d12 over other dice.

d20 Gemstone Die

The d20 is the largest die of them all. The chance range on this die is massive. So, this die gives players a lot of room to think and make versatile and creative decisions.

Players label the side that has the one as a failure and the 20 as the success. Lots of players face grim outcomes or unexpected joy because of this die.

What Material do We Use to Make Them?

But choosing the right material isn’t enough. You need to take good care of your dice, whether it is plastic or metal. Many gemstone dice set comes with a box for storing it in a safe place. It is easy to lose them as they are small in size. Always keep them out of the reach of children or pets and store them in a dice vault if you can.

Both the metal and stone dice are much heavier than plastic. The smooth edges and stunning finish make them beautiful. But, they are more expensive than the plastic ones. It is the electroplating finish on the metal surface that gives them an appealing style. Metal dice are very durable and last long.

Dice consists of either plastic or metal or stone. Metal and stone are similar in nature due to their structure. The plastic dice are lighter. But this makes them less durable and susceptible to exhausting out early. But on the flip side, plastic dice come in various colors and can be a good fit for decorations.

You will find this section intriguing if you’re serious about the quality of your dice. Otherwise, it’s still a good read.

Where to Find the Best Gemstone Dice?

Many stores sell gemstone dice. Some offer quality dice while others don’t. So, where do you find the best gemstone dice set for your next adventure?
Foogme has a collection of excellent dice sets. They polish the dice well and have a smooth finish, and they’re all handmade. So, you will get the best dice out there. Here are a few reviews of some of the dice Foogme has to offer –

Nature Labradorite Gemstone Dice Set

The nature labradorite dice is the classic dice set. When you are playing with these dice, it will take you to the dark medieval age. This dice set contains seven pure obsidian colored dice. These dice have crystal clear writing on them and a super smooth finish.

The d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 is 16mm in size, while the d20 is 20mm. Since this dice set is labradorite, it will last very long. It’s also very durable, and the accuracy is spot on because of the smooth finish of the edges.

Finding the right set of dice can be intimidating. That’s where Foogme comes in. I’m a huge fan of D&D myself, and I can tell that these dice are worth spending money over.

So, I hope you enjoyed this article and found value in it. Do give these dice a try, and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Head over to foogme.com/dice now and grab your favorite dice.

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