Cufflinks for men denote the prime manifestation of pure masculinity. They are an exquisite piece of jewelry accessory, especially for men. It is a piece of clothing item which we use for attaching cuffs of dress shirts. Cufflinks provide great functionality, and they garnish men’s dresses luxuriously.

In this post, we will learn about the following topics:

  • What exactly are cufflinks
  • How we compose cufflinks
  • A tutorial on how to wear cufflinks
  • Types cufflinks for men
  • Classifications of cufflinks for men
  • Top recommendations on buying cufflinks for men
  • How to match cufflinks with other clothing accessories

The cufflinks differ from traditional dress buttons by being fully removable, which gives men the flexibility to style their dresses with more finesse. They can be a suitable replacement for conventional shirt buttons. If you own a collection of cufflinks, then you could easily add variety to your outfits for any occasion. It works exceptionally with most formal or semi-formal outfits and syncs with almost all long-sleeved shirts.

Cufflinks are a flexible piece of equipment. They come in distinct styles and materials such as glass, stone, leather, valuable metal, and a plethora of other elements. I will describe them elaborately further down in the post. Depending on their base material, they come in a variety of price ranges. We will also look at several classifications of cufflinks. These classifications make cufflinks an outstanding choice for ceremonious gifts. These are excellent gifts that you can give to anyone with a taste in fashion. It is a formal gift for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Father’s Day, and other events. 

First, we will look at a typical cufflink and learn how to wear a cufflink hassle-freely. Although wearing cufflinks is simple, a beginner can sometimes run into difficulty wearing one. But fret not, for we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to wear cufflinks and manage them easily. Below is an image of a simplistic, silver-plated, crystal clear glass dome cufflink. You should get a general idea by looking at it.

A Diagram of Cufflinks for Men

This image portrays how a cufflink looks. It is a simple design, but there are a plethora of different stylish cufflinks. They usually look like an umbrella-shaped item that comes in a pair. Their disc-shaped crest stays on the outer part of the shirt, or it is the part that we want to show to people, and the extended body part passes thorough the shirt holes. Designers add their artistic touch to the crest to make it look visually appealing. Below is a simple layout of the several components that make up cufflinks.

Here we can see that the disc-shaped head has three components: The front face, the insert member, and the cup member. The front face is where we display all the attractive designs. The insert member is the head of the cufflink, and along with the cup member, it comprises the topmost part of cufflinks. The post is the body of cufflinks that extends from the back of the head to the lowermost section of cufflinks - the toggle which has a free hand component attached to it. The hinged toggle sways from the post to make sure that the link stays fastened.

Here is another cufflink example that has custom alphabets engraved on its crest. You can customize your cufflinks to get custom alphabets, stickers, and designs to match your preferences. As you follow along with this post, you will see the unique customizations available for cufflinks and a complete guide to buying the best one for special occasions. I will share my recommendations on buying cufflinks that I found are cheap and attractive. 

How to Wear Cufflinks for Beginners

If you already know how to wear cufflinks, then you can skip this section and jump to the following sections. If not, then read ahead.

First, we will understand how to wear cufflinks, and then when we have a basic idea of wearing them, we will proceed with the recommendations on buying them. So, below is a visual diagram of the steps necessary to wear cufflinks.

So, here we can see that in step number one, you need to enter a cufflink through the hole in the first half of the cuff. But first, you need to rotate the clasp or the toggle ninety degrees and bring it to a vertical position, and it should form a T. Also, note that both halves of the cuffs need to have a proper-sized hole for the links to go through them.

In step number two, after you’ve pushed the link through the first half, bring the other half of the cuff closer to the first half and continue pushing the link down through the second hole until it crosses the vertical clasp. 

In step number three, after the clasp crossed the second hole, you need to rotate the fastener/clasp 90 degrees until it forms the horizontal from before. See step number three carefully. 

Finally, close the buttons you have underneath the forearm. Now apply these same techniques to your other hand! If done correctly, you will have your cuffs fastened nicely.

Here we can see a more realistic diagram of the four steps shown above. Most of the cufflinks follow the same procedure for wearing them. So I tried to give you a general idea about wearing cufflinks, and I hope it will help you in getting around the complexity of cufflinks.

Types of Cufflinks for Men

So now that we know how to wear cufflinks, we will move on with the post. Bear with me if this post gets a little longer than what I usually write, but I assure you we have great content ahead for you.

Now we will look at a few types of materials from which people compose these cufflinks. They make them from almost all substances, from carbon fiber to precious stones. You name it! You can choose from any of them. All of them differ in certain qualities and prices.

Carbon Fiber Cufflinks for Men:

These are an excellent choice if you’re looking for contemporary design, and they are sleek and immensely fashionable, and they are 100% metal cufflinks. They also are sturdy in structure, lightweight, and last very long.


Glass Cufflinks for Men

These are relatively cheap, and they come in many designs and shapes. They are versatile, transparent, colorful, and affordable. People consider them to be the most casual among all cufflinks. Thus people can wear them to almost any occasion.


Gunmetal Cufflinks for Men: 

Gunmetal is a composite of copper, zinc, and tin, which forms a metallic amalgam that is masculine and possesses a contemporary design. It's a dark-colored, glossy, and durable metal, which makes it a perfect choice for cufflinks that is also suitable for almost every occasion.


Gold Cufflinks for Men: 

Gold cufflinks are a prevalent option among aristocratic people, although there are affordable gold cufflinks. It is exquisite in looks and convenient to wear. It is elegant, valuable, and long-lasting. However, these cufflinks are suitable only for formal functions.


Crystal Cufflinks for Men

Crystal is a fairly common choice for cufflinks because they are versatile and attractive, especially if you want cufflinks that will spark attraction. This one might be something you’d prefer as it comes with a wide range of color sets, and it is fully customizable in terms of shapes and sizes.


These aren’t the only materials from which we make cufflinks. There are a plethora of other materials available. But now we will look at some classifications of cufflinks.

Classifications of cufflinks for men

Stud Cufflinks: 

These cufflinks are unique as they don’t come with a hinge. Instead, they look like dumbbells and come with a straight post and a smaller head. However, they are lightweight and durable. Both sides of the link are of the same material. These cufflinks are secure, and because they are immovable, once set in place, they won’t come off of the cuffs.


Bullet Back & Toggle Closure Cufflinks: 

These are traditional cufflinks. They have bullet-shaped toggle or clasp encapsulated between two separate posts. To secure the cuffs, you need to flip the toggle 90 degrees from its horizontal perspective. It is the most common type of cufflinks. They provide convenience and security, so they are an excellent choice for cufflinks.


Chain Link Cufflinks: 

These are the most traditional ones available. Both sides of this cufflink are identical. Instead of having a toggle, it has two identical heads, and a small chain connects them that also replaces the post. Because a chain connects both ends, it results in a looser link. The unique thing about this link is that both sides of the cuff will look visually appealing.


Silk Knot Cufflinks: 

Because they are fabric, they are the most affordable and are like chain link cufflinks because they too have identical heads on both ends. People usually make these from colorful yarn and other fabrics, and they are excellent for informal or regular occasions.

Top Recommendations on Buying Cufflinks for Men

Now that we have seen what cufflinks are, how to wear them, their types and classifications, we can now move on to looking at some well-researched recommendations on cufflinks for men. I will share recommendations I think are noteworthy. However, you need not purchase them right away, but they are a brilliant place to begin your search. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the recommendations!

Atom Cufflinks Accessories Physics Einstein Graduation Tie Clips

If your significant other is a nerd and into physics, then this one is just the one for you. It is stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. Also, custom text engravings are available if you contact the seller. As a result, it can be an ideal gift for your husband, brother, boyfriend, and anyone close to you. Also, each set of cufflinks comes with a keepsake box, so it will be a noble gift for the person you want to gift. This one costs $14.98 only.

Hand Stamped Leather Initials Wedding Groom Groomsmen Cufflinks & Tie Clips from A-Z

This one comes in leather, and the handiwork on this is excellent and worthy of praise. You can get custom text and name initials ranging from A to Z for this one. It is simplistic in design, stylish, and classy. It will, without a doubt, be a memorable gift for anyone. The price of this is $14.56 only.

Father Of The Groom Gifts Father Groom Cuff Link FFather Of The Groom Ccufflinks Father Of The Groom Gifts

This cufflink is suitable for weddings. It’s a subtle gift you can give to the father of the groom. It is formal and fashionable and has a suit logo engraved, but you can contact the seller for your custom logo and text. It also comes with a gift box, so don’t worry about the presentation of the gift. If you want to go the extra mile for the person you love, then check this one out. This one costs $14.98 only.

Game Console Button, Gamepad Joystick, Custom Controller Button Wedding Cufflinks

All men like to play video games and so the makers of this cufflink designed this while keeping people’s needs in mind. If your significant other is gamer, then this will put a smile on his face on your wedding day. Also, it comes with a silver and gold plated body, and you can get a custom logo engraved to the head. The price of this is $12.99 only.

You can find these recommendations on Foogme, which have an exceptional collection of gifts and accessories for men and women.

Cufflinks are a sublime choice as a clothing accessory that men wear. And you can get matching accessories with it if you are looking to buy gifts in bulks. A noteworthy addition to the cufflinks would be a wedding dress hanger, which I already covered in this post

I know this turned out to be a long post, but cufflinks are a versatile clothing accessory that has a lot to say about itself. So, now look at all the different cufflinks and buy the ones that fit your preference and I hope you liked this article, and if you did, please give me feedback.