Fishing hooks are a sublime outdoor accessory for those who love to fish. People even have their collections of fishing hooks. From a regular perspective, we see them as just a tool for catching fish, but for fishing enthusiasts, it’s a souvenir and something much more valuable than just a piece of metal. Some young people often say that fishing is for grown-ups, but I tell them that fishing is for those who like to go on a soothing adventure outdoors.

Fishing hooks are small pieces of metal that we use to catch fish. They are like anchors except they have curves, and they pierce fishes’ mouth when fish come close to them. Sometimes, the hooks carry lures or baits to attract the fish. Baits are typical insects that they eat. We can customize fishing hooks and transform them from a simple tool to a gorgeous piece of jewelry. For instance, we can make key-chains out of fishing hooks. Then they will serve as a utility tool and a piece of jewelry that is unique.

What we will cover in this post:

  • A Close Look at Fishing Hooks
  • How to Tie Fishing Hooks for Beginners
  • Types of Fishing Hooks
  • Size Chart and the What’s the Best Size for Fishing Hooks
  • Who are these Fishing Hooks for?
  • Top Recommendations for Fishing Hooks
  • Other Accessories that Go Well with Fishing Hooks

A Close Look at Fishing Hooks

Now that we know what fishing hooks are and why they are essential, it’s time to dissect one. Fishing hooks consist of a few small parts. So, Below is a diagram of a simple fishing hook:

A simple fishing hook consists of a point, a barb, a throat, an eye, a shank, a gap, and a bend. The point is the part that does all the work; it catches the fish by penetrating its mouth. The barb is a small spike that faces backward, which prevents the hook from detaching from the fishes’ mouth. The bend is the curved part that curves back on itself. It makes catching the fish simple. The eye is the ring that attaches the hook to a lure or a line. The shank is the section that comes down from the eye to the curve. And the throat comes down from the point to the curve. The gap is the distance between the shank and the bend.

These are the central parts of a basic fishing hook, and we often customize them to catch unique types of fishes. We can customize each component; for instance, we can widen the gap for large fishes, or narrow the gap for small fishes.

How to Tie Fishing Hooks for Beginners

If you already know how to tie a fishing hook, then you can skip this section. If you don't, then continue ahead. So now you know what types of fishing hooks there are and what their sizes are. But knowing these facts won’t do you any good unless you know how to use one. So, here we will go briefly over the steps of how you can tie a hook to a lure or a line or a string. Below is an image that provides a visual representation of the steps.

I know that it looks a little daunting, but read through, and I promise that it will make sense. So, first, you need to enter the string through the eye and pull it back up. Then make many tiny loops around the central strand. After that, insert the strand through the eye again, pull it back up and complete the knot. Then, push the stack of loops closer to the eye. Follow the steps correctly, and you’ll have completed the knot effortlessly and in no time. 

Types of Fishing Hooks

There are many types of fishing hooks. But I won’t be able to get through all of them. At the macro level, I can list the following that I think are very popular. 

  • Bait Hooks 
  • Fly Hooks 
  • Lure Hooks
  • Treble Hooks

Bait hook:

Bait hooks are those kinds of fishing hooks that use live baits like nightcrawlers, insects, worms, and smaller fish. They attract the fishes that are in search of food.

Fly hook:

Fly hook imitates a fly with feathers, and its shape is like a bug. People don’t need a bait with this hook because fish get lured by the hook and get caught. Some variations of this include Shark hook, Circle hook, and Tuna hook.

Lure hook:

This hook uses movement, vibration, flash, and color to bait a fish. These kinds of hooks use more than one hook to catch. But it can also use one hook. It depends on who is using it. The fascinating fact about lure hooks is, some hooks can use a lure, or a fish as a spearhead, or we can capture it by hand.

Treble hooks:

Treble hooks feature three bends and three points in an individual hook. They provide massive coverage for artificial baits such as crankbaits, jerk baits, or topwater baits. Bait anglers also use trebles. Cut bait for catfish or threading minnows for trolling salmon or trout are examples where people regularly use trebles. Trebles are visually appealing as they are useful. We can customize them with jewelry details to make them look even more attractive. Foogme does an excellent job of blending jewelry design to fishing hooks. So if you’re searching for something out of the ordinary, then check out their merchandise.

Size Chart and the What’s the Best Size for Fishing Hooks

Just like our clothes, even fishing hooks have different sizes. Sizes range from #1 - #10. These are the normal sizes, and for the extra big ones, the range is #1/0 - #6/0. Every fishing enthusiast knows that the perfect size for fishing hooks is #1 1/4 inches wide. They use this for the best fishing experience, and it is also the best size for keeping as a souvenir. It can even be the best gift as it is neither too big nor too short. Foogme hosts a plethora of jewelry fishing hooks that are of that ideal size. So don’t forget to check them out!

Who are these Fishing Hooks for 

Fishing hooks can be an extraordinary gift for people who love to fish. Although it might not mean much to you, it bears prominent value for those who love fishing. It can be your father, or it can be your favorite uncle who loves fishing. As a gift, fishing hooks can carry significant emotions towards our loved ones. So, they can be an excellent gift to fathers, groomsmen, boyfriends, and husbands. People love to collect butterflies and purchase entire assortments of them. Similar to collecting butterflies, they collect lure hooks and fly hooks as well.

Top Recommendations for Fishing Hooks

Okay, I know you’ve been trying to get to this section if you’ve read the entire post. So, I won’t bore you with more details. Let’s now look at a few of the excellent quality fishing hooks that Foogme sells. Note that these are my picks, so they might not align with your preferences, and I suggest that you take them with a grain of salt. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Dad My First Hero Fishing Hooks

When it’s about the fishing enthusiasts, a fishing hook key-chain is the best thing to amaze them. This handmade masterpiece is the perfect gift that you can present to fishing enthusiastic fathers on Father’s Day. You can use it as a fishing hook, or if you’re the daughter, you can give it as a special reminder of affection. It comes with a gift box, and it’s pure stainless steel. It costs only $12.99, which is nothing compared to our emotions towards our tough man of the heart and the house, a father.

I Love You First Wedding Anniversary Gift

No doubt that your first wedding anniversary is a significant celebration in your life. And to make it even more special for your husband, this fishing hook key-chain is the one you should consider. Firstly, this piece of jewelry is handmade, and well polished. Secondly, a custom laser engraved name is available. Also, it comes with a sleek-looking gift box, and if one hook doesn't satisfy you; it has extra hooks for you. In short, This one is just a piece of fashionable utility jewelry that can make any fishing enthusiast happy. It costs $12.99 only.

My Best Catch Custom Wedding Date Anniversary Fishing Hooks

Now, this fishing hook lets you customize what you want to write or tell your fishing devotee. You can gift it on the wedding day to the groom, best man, or as a birthday gift. You can add a date to remind the grand event. This handmade classic fishing hook costs $12.99.

Other Accessories that Go Well with Fishing Hooks

Fishing hooks are one of many jewelry items that you can gift to your loved one on any special occasion. If you are searching for other splendid items to purchase, check out this post about cufflinks I wrote which covers cufflinks in detail, which are another significant item to gift to your best man on his wedding day, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or the coming Father’s Day.

Fishing hooks are the go-to adventure companions of dads, uncles, boyfriends, husbands, and groomsmen. So, if you want to surprise your best man on your marriage, anniversary, birthday, or the coming Father’s Day, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t think of a better gift than a stylish-looking fishing hook. They are elegant, compact, and beneficial for fishing. So, if you follow this guide and apply the steps and analyze the recommendations, I guarantee that you won’t get the chance to disappoint your special man. If you liked this article, please provide your valuable feedback. Happy fishing!